Friday, 13 January 2012

(1.2) The Miniature Scene - The Materials Used

The garages are made from a combination of hard and soft woods. The outer casing is the fine hardwood, Mahogany. It is a strong and durable wood with the most beautiful and consistent, rich, dark brown grain.

Initially the wood is unplanned and is very rough to the touch; It isn't until planning and numerous hours of sanding will the surface finally feel smooth to the touch..With a combination of brass screws, wood adhesive as well as the durable nature of the wood itself, it isn't long before you realise that the garage is a centre-piece which will last. I believe that is just what they'll do.
(1.1) The Miniature Scene - The Beginning

Welcome to The Miniature Scene blog. The Miniature Scene was founded in early 2011 by myself, Cian Joyce. I have a great passion for anything relating to cars, bikes, tractors, miniature scenes and dioramas. As a child my brother would look on in astonishment at my patience when constructing model airplanes and cars from kits, I would be more than happy to spend hours if not days on their creation.
In 2004 I was travelling (sorry, sprinting!) through Milan airport and something caught my eye. In the window of a shop there was a plastic box, which was decorated to look like a model motorcycle garage.  The scene was about the size of a shoe box. In this garage there was a model Harley Davidson with some posters, a bench and a few plastic tools scattered about the place. To be honest, it was a fairly pathetic garage scene, but it did have a certain charm which I distinctly remember to this day. As the final boarding call rang out, I only had time to take a brief glance at this model. However, the seed for what would later become The Miniature Scene had been planted!

It wasn't until early 2011 that I decided to move on this idea and create The Miniature Scene. From the very beginning, my main objective was to produce top quality miniature garage scenes, aimed at collectors who wanted something more interesting than a bland glass case displaying their automotive models. The goal was to create centre-pieces, as realistic and detailed as possible and maybe even miniature works of art!! To achieve this no expense or time would be spared, and I soon discovered full dedication was necessary in order to make this project a success!